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Scorpion Landscapes

Fencing & Decking

Throughout the years we have built up a reputation of quality and professionalism when it comes to the installation of fencing and decking for our customers. We are experts in this field and we pride ourselves on the quality of the materials, work we provide and always put our customers first. This applies not just to the design but choice of materials for our customers chosen fencing and decking solution, ensuring that they are durable enough to last through the hottest summers and harshest winters.

We Also Provide Decking

We have seen a rise in the demand for timber decking from our customers as it provides an attractive alternative to the more traditional stone or concrete patio area. With the materials being relatively inexpensive and construction times being short this can be an option that does not need a lot of maintenance but has a look that improves with age.

All Types Of Fence Supplied

Today fencing is not just used to separate your property from your next door neighbours but also as a security feature for your home. We understand this need and keep it in mind with the design and installation for every project we undertake. We source our materials from various suppliers to make sure that we can cater for any need and look you the customer are after.

If you would like a quotation please get in touch through our contact us area of the site or by phone on 01908 61 69 72 to find out our competitive prices and how we can add to the look and security of your property.